Week 1

I'm going to start a weekly recap to keep writing/publishing momentum. This is written in haste as a quick capture of things I'm up to so don't expect too much.

I decided to extend the 20 min of daily yoga to 3 weeks, and haven't missed a day so far. Duration is low enough that I don't need any rest days, and even if I'm tired I can get myself to do it. I'm also using instagram stories as outsourced accountability and that's been working wonders.

The main impulse I've struggled with controlling is adding more time, more exercises, starting cardio... Doing too much too soon is the killer of any fitness initiative so I'll keep the commitment to 20 min.

Interestingly, even with such small time I can already feel some benefits. I was at the skatepark early in the week and then over the weekend trying similar tricks and the second time I could definitely feel better strength and stability. It could well be something else but I wouldn't be surprised if the yoga already has an effect.

I got a tripod and have started recording sessions at the skatepark. Curious to see if it can help me progress better, as the few times I've recorded myself in the past have demonstrated just how different things feel in your head vs from the outside (and you can guess which one is nicer).

I also got a skateboard! That used to be my main thing growing up, and I re-picked it up ocassionally in BCN (late twenties) and Amsterdam (mid thirties). I hadn't considered it in the last few years due to some knee and ankle issues, but a friend lent me one for 10 minutes a few days ago and I could feel way more confident than last time I tried 2 years ago, so got a super cheap second-hand complete and plan to take it slowly.

Damn it's Tuesday already, so here's a list of a few other things I'm up to:

  • Using instagram as a raw visual diary , and deliberately capturing stuff I used to be shy/embarrassed about.
  • Starging to feel a bit more comfortable with fakie on the BMX (and recording!)
  • Cooking quite a bit (and recording!)
  • After getting burned by a stupid typescript rabbithole I shelved a blog entry and haven't writen anything here, which is one reason why I'm starting this weekly series.
  • After a few mindblowing experiences with ChatGPT I've finally tarted to dive properly into AI. The prompt engineering course is proving super valuable.
  • Relatedly, it seems like the time finally came for me to get into Python. A lot of the material on openAI seems to have decent Typescript or js support but the native tongue is definitely Python, so there we go.

And there's more. Seems like there's a lot of momentum in many areas, so let's see how long we can keep it.

Talk soon!

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