Hey! I'm Jesús Gollonet. I have been a Technical Director for the last 10 years (North Kingdom, Dogstudio, Resn), developing and managing campaigns for global brands (Adidas, HBO, Netflix, Google, Apple, Amazon, Maserati...). My role has often been closer to the back-end, architecture and operations.

My work usually involves, but is not limited to:

  • Software architecture for complex interactive experiences
  • Capacity planning for global campaings
  • Implementing and managing backend systems
  • Managing teams and vendors
  • Technical commmunication with clients
  • Operations: Planning, implementation, monitoring, maintenance

In a previous life I was a creative coder building web experiences, interactive audio toys, mobile apps, interactive installations.

I work remotely from Málaga in the south of Spain. I write less code than I'd like to, mostly typescript / node.js these days. I live in iterm, zsh, tmux, vim.

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