👋 Hello!

I have been meaning to get back to writing in public for many years, but I always get blocked at different stages:

What engine do I use? Do I host myself or do I go for a managed option? Should I keep it just professional or is it ok to get personal? Single blog for all my interests or a few thematic ones? And "who would even care"? etc. When the urge comes back, I start making decisions but then I run out of time and let it sleep for another few months.

And it's been checks notes 8 years since I last published an entry but more like 12 years since the last time I blogged with any regularity (here's the archives of my old blog ).

I've had some periods of activity on Twitter and Instagram (I'm currently loving it!) and even tried a different platform, but I'd like to have a place where I can explore freely.

I'm not getting blocked this time. I'm not even going to edit this one before publishing. Wait what was the way to deploy this again?

If you're reading this, I managed to figure it out :)

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