Parents that drive their kids to a skatepark

I had to chuckle at this: really can drive to the skatepark and it’s like a gym primarily have skateboarders who come from homes where their parents would drive them to a sporting environment.

From this interview with Ben Koppl, my favorite skater which unsurprisingly seems to be an interesting person. He's talking about the changing demographics of skateboarding.

I feel strongly that treating skateboarding more like a regular sport is a great thing (it's the reason why I'm even considering it at 46!), and I'm 100% a parent that drives his kids to the skatepark, but I love his point about skateboarding starting as a mode of transportation, and a way for kids that have nothing else to do or want to avoid their neighbourhood to have a tool to do that while pushing their creativity...

The full interview is interesting, I enjoyed his non-negative take on kids perferring short instagram clips vs video parts (which I've often seen mourned about in BMX circles), and the early youtube days.

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