Resuming exercise

The hardest part of exercising is getting back to it once you inevitably fall off the wagon.

I started the year on a good streak of almost 2 months doing reasonably regular exercise, including 2 to 3 days a week of strength and at least one of low HR cardio. But then I got a new job, a stressful first project and some other life events. So it's been a couple of months off again.

I have not completely stopped moving. I've been hitting the skatepark on a BMX with my kids almost every week, but as I'm learning, the consistency and focus of an actual workout is the key to improving, especially well into your 40s 1.

There's the part where you need to get motivated enough to start again, but even harder is the part where you need to re-adjust your expectations. You were able to do X pull-ups, run Y kilometers, and now it's less.

So I've started with low expectations. 20 minutes of yoga every day for a week. I need to work on a bit of low back pain and just get mobility in order, then I'll get back to strength and cardio.

This is day 3. 🤞


  1. Beth Lewis said something in The Art of Stability that stuck with me:

    Don't let your sport get in the way of your training.

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