Week 2

Oh my god. Wednesday!

Last week was slower in all fronts.

Finished my 3 weeks of 20 minutes of Yoga a day. Last couple of days it got really late and I did Yin Yoga instead. I'm resisting calling it 'cheating', as I've invariably found it helpful when I've done it in the past, and I like to think of myself as a strong proponent of less Yang more Yin, but yep, that is a thought that has been had..

I have been going back and forth with what to do next, and I still don't have a decision. I'm low-key terrified of losing momentum, as it is so hard to return. I also want to start doing more, for some definition of more, but always in a way that doesn't risk breaking the habit. Continuing Yoga for the moment.

Had the first couple of sessions on a skateboard. Taking it easy as it's significantly tougher on joints and tendons, but I'm glad with where I'm at. Managed to drop in on a couple of ramps without giving it 2 seconds, which was really encouraging. It's been at least 10, if not 12 years since I last skated,

Couple of shy starts at Python. Getting past the environment setup/conventions, and looking forward to starting the fun part.

Anyway, Save, publish... here's to a better one.

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