Week 3

Ok let's get this published on the Monday Tuesday.

So now I have a problem, whenever I go to a skatepark, I have to choose between the skateboard and bike. So far I've been basically splitting the time based on what I feel like doing, often switching every 20 minutes. Trying to progress on both is going to make it slower but oh well.

Been early to a public skatepark a couple of mornings, setting up the tripod and sessioning some things. I've already spotted a couple of bad habits from that (rotated shoulders when ollieing, butt not back enough on manuals on the bike...), so plan to do it more.

I'm also looking for fun ways to put those into mini edits. The idea is similar to what I'm doing here. Capture quickly, edit so that it's not super boring and always publish. Here's one

Inspired by the daily push flick analysis videos I started researching better ways to do video analysis, and daydreaming about automating / AI-ing some parts of the process. Maybe

On the workout front, Yoga continues, and I started doing 5 minutes of jump rope (which I've stopped for a few days as I hurt my knee on Sunday). I'm listening again to the Huberman and Andy Galpin Fitness assessment episode and plan on doing some assessment this week.

That's mostly it, skating, recording and doing informal analysis, and obsessing over fitness.

Talk soon.

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