Week 4

Even later than usual. Was thinking of skipping this week, but my Gestalt sense didn't let me sleep (good job on labelling the weeklies with successive numbers).

I have continued to record sessions and have started uploading my quick edits to youtube . So far I've uploaded a couple of raw sessions with empty / non interesting parts remmoved, and I love having the ability of checking them whenever / wherever. The main goal is to check and help with progression. But I also think video editing is a very useful skill to have.

Regarding that, iMovie is both great and terrible. It's at hand, and you can slice clips in no time, but then you want to do simple things like a slight rotation to correct horizon and you need to open Keynote (!!!). Have been checking out Filmora and it seems very promising.

I've been thinking about video analysis, I have the feeling it can be tremendoussly useful, even without specialized biomechanics knowledge. I haven't found a free app to test it out, but thinking about the features (load and display a couple of videos side by side, play/pause/skip forward, slow motion, draw simple lines on top), it sounds like something so apt for openframeworks it could even be a beginner tutorial. I have downloaded xcode and oF for the first time in many years. I might give it a try if I can find time.

20-30 min of Yoga continues to be my only workout other than skate/bike. Last Friday was the first time I've skipped since I started, but only because I fell asleep on a Yin Yoga session after dinner and drinks at 3am.

Save, publish, and Yoga. Until next week.

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